Hello there! I’ve found a real lack of tutorials of drawstring pouches online so I thought I’d finally get around to making one myself. I’m probably doing everything all wrong, but you can always tell me in the comments of there’s a quicker/easier way to do this!

Finished product!

So, onto the tutorial! I drafted my own pattern for this as it was only a square. Well, a square and a rectangle to be exact. The ‘ribbon banner’ in the photo is going to be attached to the inside of the pouch and is where the ribbon is going to be fed through. I could use a lining instead but I’m using fabric scraps so I’m trying to conserve as much fabric as I can!13537596_1155552471173898_7218510231817737257_nThe first step is cutting out all of the pieces. Because I’m making fluorescent pouches I wanted two layers, the lace and the black base colour.

13466444_1155552434507235_251228596305218772_nI subsequently layered the four fabric pieces; black, flowers, flowers, black and pinned it.

13466264_1155552404507238_225891641072701846_n 13524545_1155552377840574_7630286505560657311_n








Next I used chalk to mark out where the ribbon banner will go and subsequently where my stitching will go up to.


I stitched the ribbon banner on next, making sure to go through only one half of my fabric. Then a couple more holding stitches to neaten everything up, which I’ll represent with some red lines.

13731600_1170655492996929_1293478807806224854_nThen turn it inside out and it should look like a feasible pouch! Now to put the sewing machine away and get started with the drawstring aspect of the pouch…


I measured out 15″ of ribbon which was a rough estimate but it turned out quite nicely. Of course if you want them longer or shorter, you can do that too. You’ll need two as you can pull the drawstring from either side.


Then you can thread the ribbon through the pouch. I use a safety pin to make my life easier.


Voila! One side done! One more to go and then the pouch is finished.


And there you go! A beautiful fluorescent drawstring pouch, perfect for little party favours or pieces of jewellery.

I have currently made 15 of these to be sold individually on my Esty shop, which can be found here. Which, thinking about it, is rather counter-intuitive seeing as I’ve just given you the instructions on how to make then yourselves. Ah well.

13557687_1155552061173939_2005801249920259322_n 13557700_1155551991173946_7545044406247100396_n 13524277_1155552091173936_1651783594858663643_nBut they look good, are real easy to make and now there’s a tutorial on how to make drawstring pouches out on the interwebs which hopefully a few people will stumble upon. Job well done, I say.

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