Hello there! This is the second part to my Regency dress set of posts, the first of which can be found here.


Shown left is the pictures of my completed regency dress! Taffeta, as expected, was difficult to work with but honestly not as bad as I thought it would be, what with the hype over working with shiny fabrics in the sewing world. I gleaned some tips from online; I washed it before sewing to get rid of the stiffness (not sure how this helps but…), used lots of pins and sharp scissors/needles throughout. I also read that you should iron it with a pressing cloth in-between the fabric and iron, but my iron has a ‘silk’ option that was a lot more effective as the fabric didn’t really respond otherwise.

I also used French seams for the entirety of the project which means no raw edges anywhere on the dress because taffeta frays like nothing else I’ve ever seen!

Pretty, pretty sleeves…
Inside of sleeve hem, hand-sewn, nice and neat.










I also tried out a placket which was needed for this pattern. I didn’t have a clue what it was and about a week after I’d completed it it came up on Sewing Bee (Series 4, Evening Wear) and I actually found out what it was used for…

Picture1 Picture 4





< My placket. It isn’t quite as smart as on a dress shirt, but it makes the dress so much easier to put on!




I’m also excessively pleased with the buttons and buttonholes. The pattern specifies three buttons at 1/2″ but I could actually only fit 2 onto the back bodice. Perhaps that’s my tiny bodice or I need to learn to place buttons better!

13880326_1185642341498244_8255754600531785382_nThen I thought I’d just share how I hemmed my skirt in order to plug some other sewing people. I hemmed the lace with a rolled hem using this tutorial:

Which is for left handed people and therefore a lifesaver for me! Sorry righties.


I also hemmed the skirt using the ‘Catch Stich’ tutorial from this website.

13895307_1185642558164889_2131537137721561226_n 13939532_1185642494831562_8612593825459878721_n









It had a beautifully finished look and hardly shows through on the other side, which is really good as the taffeta is two-tone red/black and my red thread isn’t the most subtle on it!

Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures of me in the dress at some point as it fits me so much better than on the mannequin.

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