This is the first time I’ve ever entered the Simplicity Sewing Challenge and I don’t know why as you get a free pattern just by taking part! I chose to enter ‘Best Vintage Make’ as I adore all things vintage (even though I’m more inclined towards the 50’s than 70’s) and I have no-one to model the childrenswear!

Picture2I chose to create view D as I thought the peplum creates a really feminine silhouette that I adore on any item of clothing. I started by sketching out my ideas (ignore the Christmas ornaments, I’m working on them all year round now):


I did some research into 70’s artists and found Orla Kiely who I’ve looked at several times over the four years of my textiles/art GCSE and A-level projects and although I didn’t put any of her recognisable designs on my make, I did let her geometric simplicity inspire me.

orla keily
Orla Kiely Designs

Now, onto the finished product! I tried out a bob for these photos so I looked more like the model on the front of the pattern.

Picture3I even found some white trousers to complete the look! The finished product is delightfully mermaid-esque as the colour scheme reminds me of coral and seaweed, which I didn’t notice during the planning process but I’m very pleased with the result. I found the fabric at the bottom of my stash and had just enough to make the top which was lucky as I had no other fabric that looked even vaguely 70s.

This pattern also allows for a very neat product as everything is lined and there are practically no raw edges.

13903235_1186696118059533_6901123661656633120_n 13906944_1186696061392872_4577186814096436393_nIt was a toss up between two sets of buttons (below), black or gingham and I thought the gingham went best with the colour scheme I was going for.

13876645_1182596358469509_9174957301899087135_nPicture1I’m also really pleased with the buttonholes. I used the buttonhole foot again, but it wasn’t as good as my regency dress buttonholes as they were really tiny and some of them are a really tight fit!

13880172_1186696094726202_7714607142180010634_nSo there you have it, my entry to the Simplicity Sewing Challenge 2016! I did have fun making this and I may actually wear it, even though I hadn’t planned to before I started making.


I may just have to make another, too!

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