Hey there! I’ve completed my A-levels and am now anxiously awaiting my results coming out on the 18th. I recently hade an exhibition of all of my art and textiles work and I wanted to show you a couple of pictures I sneaked of it!

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As I can’t think of any more content for this post, I thought I’d share with you some tips for taking art/textiles for A-level. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert and I may barely pass art, but this is more general things that might make your life a little easier:

  • Do what your teachers say. You may hate their ideas and you’ve got to have your own style in your projects but every now and then take their suggestions on board. It’ll get you those extra marks you may need.
  • No-one gives a crap about annotations, but you have to do them anyway so don’t spend hours on them. Use key words like ‘composition’, ‘medium’ and ‘mood’ and make sure not to repeat ‘I like’ at the start of every annotation like I did on one whole page!
  • Stand out from the crowd. Everyone I knew did ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at some point, including myself and it makes me cringe now. What is your favourite book/TV show/play? Let that inspire you.
  • It took my two years of GCSE’s to find what inspired me, which is history and historical influences. Find what inspires you and if it works, stick to it.
  • Use ALL the mediums.

… Media? Medium? I had an art teacher who used to teach English who’d always correct us and I still can’t remember…

13669181_10154313904583627_5480903675151898951_nSo that’s my tips for surviving creative A-levels! I was also interviewed on my exhibition which you can find here. I’m the pretentious person who says ‘I tend to onslaught people with my colour usage’. I hate interviews…

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