Hello there! Today I thought I’d show you the dress I made for my leavers day 2016, the final day I had at school. Although, that’s never true, is it? I had to go back for my exam, my exhibition and my results… anyway, that’s not important. How fabulous I looked is!




I used the New Look pattern K6723, using the sweetheart neckline option. I adored the fabric that I used, it was like a collage of antique writing, both printed and hand written so every now and then I notice a new word written across the hem of my skirt. For example, I noticed the other day that I have ‘Broadway’ and ‘night’ written across either sleeve, completely accidentally.

I accessorised with curled hair, matching beige gloves which are apparently UV proof (because you really need that for your… hands…), my only petticoat and shoes that I bought for practically nothing on my holiday in China. I couldn’t believe that I actually had items that matched my queer coloured fabric, and the fact that they looked great together was an added bonus!



I received various compliments throughout the day, including my art teacher saying I looked ‘divine’ (her own words), my sister’s friend exclaiming that I looked like Alice and one of my own friends saying I looked like I stepped straight out of a picture. And naturally, they all loved that I made it too!

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My feet were sore by the end of the day but it was worth it! I left secondary school with a bang and hopefully some people will remember me and my outspoken outfits at that school!

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