This was my first year attending the Jane Austen Festival in Bath thanks to my foresight in actually creating a costume in time for the promenade, and I have to say that I’m upset it didn’t last for longer! I was off to uni before the end of the ten days however, so couldn’t have done much more, despite desperately wanting to.

14317592_10154480305453627_8694496962052673114_n14333187_10209020112174351_8675964769459749477_nThis was my costume that I wore for every event as I had made a whole flipping regency dress, I was going to wear it as often as I could. It was made out of taffeta so obviously looked very dressy but I actually quite liked that aspect of it. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as pretty as when I was wearing my regency dress! I’m kind of determined to find a little secluded house one day and just wear regency clothing always. It’s not like Victorian where it’s all corsets and bustles, regency clothing is actually wearable for the modern day woman, even if you do stand out from the crowd a little!

Me and Yvonne, who also participates in the Jane Austen Dancers with me.

14202780_10154480371983627_1445554530969006818_nA small tip for anyone following the simplicity 4055 pattern: although it gives the option for a skirt without gathers, I would go for the skirt with the gathers. Although it seems like enough fabric, it actually isn’t a lot and to be more era-appropriate they actually had a load of fabric in their skirts at all times. I kept getting my heel caught in the back of my dress and I’m not sure whether that was my hemming or the size of the skirt! I didn’t want unnecessary bulk at the back but it isn’t bulky at all in the end and gives your legs enough room to run; hey, you never know when you might need to run away from zombies in this costume!




I also took part in a Jane Austen Dancers event ‘Dances from the Fans’ which they haven’t put up any pictures of yet and watched a very funny production of ‘Pride and Prejudice: The Musical’ by Tin Roof productions, who thankfully put pictures up on their website.

14462751_1233520800043731_8585948582612413096_n 14433060_1233520623377082_558354987833667308_n 14441086_1233520646710413_7990322232742673838_n








The costumes were beautiful considering the fact that it’s only a small touring theatre and I have to say that Mr Darcy (far left picture, in the frame) was perfect and had a beautiful baritone voice. Mr Collins was also a perfect casting (right); dopey and silly and over the top. Overall a very funny production that I would recommend even if only going for the beauty of Mr Darcy.

But that was my experience of the Jane Austen Festival 2016! Next time I’m going to twice as many events and saving up over the year to create so many beautiful dresses that I’ll be able to show off in the (hopefully sunny) promenade. Perhaps I’ll see you all there?

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P.S. If any of you truly want to see me walking, I’m at 5:00 in this video!

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