Hello there! This may be a bit late to tell you but I’ve started uni. I know right? It all comes on very quickly, doesn’t it?!14449001_1233520893377055_4242418638716680525_n

I’m going to Bournemouth to study costume and performance design, if you haven’t guessed! Now, it’s very tempting when writing a blog post like this to say about how brilliant and easy everything is, but I also want to add a grain of truth t this post too. It’s been tough. Moving out of my house for the first time, leaving my mother who I was completely dependent on (and still am; I get her to do most of my food shopping and I’m currently making her do my washing for when I go home, which I haven’t actually done yet) and also leaving behind my room, my supplies, my sister, my cat, my father (not in order of importance!). You don’t really realise it for the first week because you’re on such a high from moving out and going to a new place that it’s only in the second week when the homesickness actually kicks in.


You don’t imagine quite how lonely you’re going to be, how much effort you’re going to have to make in order to get new friends and actually go out places. Where in school it was enough to simply go to school every day where you saw the same people five days a week from 9-3, it’s a bit different at uni. You don’t always get to see the same people, people you like are on different courses and you get days off which you have to fill in too. Having a couple of anxiety issues, this is difficult for me and I have spent a few days sealed in my room and felt truly terrible and unmotivated by the end of the day because I haven’t actually seen another human being for however many hours. But knowing this now I’m now making a concerted effort to make sure I have at least one activity to do every day, even if that’s just going to the corner shop to get a stamp or have a solitary wander down the beach.

Oh yeah, I have a beach! And I’m right next to it too, I mean, I have a sea view!

It is pretty awesome. Anyway, depressing loneliness out of the way, I am actually really enjoying myself, despite the impression that I might have just given! Doing something that I’m really passionate about makes any anxiety about living on my own easier because every day I’m learning something more about the industry that I desperately want to go into and learning more about myself and my strengths and weaknesses in the process. The course at Bournemouth covers everything in the first year so I’m currently doing the design and modelmaking unit, and will be doing the making unit in four weeks. I’m making a tiny scale model of my room in modelmaking, which is really fun as I’ve always enjoyed making tiny things and in design I’m actually learning how to use Photoshop which I thought I would never accomplish! But these lessons are taught really clearly and I do understand (most of it…).

Practicing Draping on the Stand
The Start of Modelmaking; more to come!

Anyway, I just wanted to update you and possibly give advice to some future AUB students! If you’re looking about going to Bournemouth, please feel free to contact me with questions, or anything really. My email should be on the ‘contact me’ page and please feel free to, I’m not scary!!

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