Hello there! It’s halfway through November, and you know what that means; Christmas can officially be celebrated!!

And as it’s now acceptable to hum Christmas tunes and decorate your homes I have updated my shop to reflect the festive mood circling us now.


I must admit, I had a LOT of fun making this. Look at the little elf in my icon and the holly wreath on my head! Festive to the max!!

(Going to ignore that fact that it’s going to be a nightmare to revert everything back to normal after Christmas…)

I also have several festive listings to add to my theme as well as all of my original listings, so they can be sold as gifts over the season.

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 I have hand knitted scarves (that took me ages so BUY THEM PLEASE) and also a load of Christmas decorations. The collage below shows only a selection.


To add a little incentive for people to buy things I have a little offer going on, so buy and support me if you will.


Thank you so much!!

sig 2

P.S. Shhhhh, a special little offer that I’m offering to you guys first. This will only be available in December, but until then you can decide which product you want to buy and get in there early when the 1st strikes!


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