Hello there! I’ve been a bit overrun with uni work at the moment so instead of ignoring the fact that I have blog posts to upload I thought I’d create a few based on just that!

Me explaining my first impressions of uni can be found here while the other half of this unit (modelmaking) has a whole separate blog post which can be found here. But onto the actual post!

I’ve just completed my first unit at Bournemouth, where I study Costume and Performance design. The first unit comprises of both design and modelmaking while the second is based just on making, which I’m sure I’ll make a post about soon! As I’ve already done a separate post on modelmaking this post is largely based on design and also extra little quirky things that the uni and course did for us. Like the vintage day, for example!

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During the introduction week, they got us to dress vintage (optional, of course) and there was a local fabric seller where we chose genuine vintage fabrics that we can add to a work belt, which we’ll make at the end of the making unit. I know a second year at AUB, and apparently the reason they did this this year was because last yeat they apparently made all of the work belts identical, and people kept losing them or getting them mixed up! It makes the whole thing nicer for us though…

The fabric I chose. They were ALL floral, but this one was nice enough!

Then we went full-on into the actual unit, which was pretty heavy after however many months of nothing (…summer holidays), but it actually wasn’t an overwhelming amount of work. We had various workshops, including a quick change task which was a load of fun and a character exploration task, sampling various dresses and thinking about who would have worn them, as well as looking to ourselves and what we were wearing and why.

14563362_1262055123856965_2792163462725905052_nThe above design was a 45 minute sketch based on a single piece of fabric. I coloured it afterwards, I barely got the outline completed within the 45 minutes!

14705728_1262055153856962_4370304639836619157_nWe also got to do Photoshop work in this unit which was really interesting. I can’t wait to do more, but focused on an actual character next time so we can really personalise the design. It’s near impossible to make computer work look unprofessional, which is great for me!!

14690979_1262055097190301_523356903845603994_nAnd this was the result of the whole unit, we had three hours to do a design based on a prompt. I’m not really happy with this one, I wanted something older like Victorian or Georgian as I’d done so many 20th Century designs, but all the prompts we pretty current or uninspiring so I chose 1930’s. We were supposed to focus on fabric weight and how it sits on someone, which I didn’t quite do, but I tried my best! I didn’t sign up to be a designer!!

But that’s my first unit at AUB! Expect the modelmaking aspect of this unit to come soon, as well as the second unit in a few weeks time! As I said before, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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