Hello there! This is the second post of the first unit of my uni course, the first of which can be found here. The other half of the course is modelmaking, which is basically set design, so creating a tiny set to scale so you can see what it will look like before wasting all of the time and resources on the final piece which might not even fit in the theatre space! I didn’t actually know that this was a part of the course, which is really exciting, as I actually really enjoyed this! I’ve always really loved making tiny things (you should see my fimo creations from when I was a child…) so it was right up my alley.

This was my finished room. We had to make our student bedrooms, so you’re getting a pretty detailed insight into my life right now! It all started with basically a white box (see the pic below) so seeing the final product is really satisfying. We did everything in 1:25 scale for all those out there interested in that stuff. That’s the one downside to doing this; the sheer amount of maths involved!14713638_1262044920524652_3950772446006812606_nHere, you can have some ‘making of’ pics too if you’re that interested!

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We also had to make a tiny scale model of ourselves, which you can see poking it’s head through my window in a pic above.

14718809_1262045117191299_5648268006609546173_nPretty accurate, I think! You had to apply the clothes using tissue paper, so my skirt even has a little folded petticoat underneath it and I’m especially pleased with my hair dramatically blowing in the wind behind me.

So that’s the other half of my first unit at uni, which hopefully will bring up my grade after the awful drawings I submitted for the design unit!

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