In this unit we were given the brief to design for a stage show in the style of ‘poor theatre’. We were to pick from four different retellings of ‘sleeping beauty’ and I chose the Indian adaptation called ‘Little Surya Bai’. We were allowed to make up our own concept, so I chose to set it in Victorian England (anyone who knows me knows that I have an affinity for British fashion, especially period stuff!).

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This was the result of my ‘Exploring Design’ unit! We had an exhibition that our parents/friends could attend.

We had to create 4 final designs, as well as thumbnails for all of the characters in our production. As you can see, I did three analogue designs and one Photoshop design (the Rajah). They had to be A4 in size and include samples of every fabric that you were going to use on the final product. You may have also spotted my set! We had to create a modelbox set too in the style of ‘poor theatre’ which included at least one 1:25 scale model, which as you can see is my little Surya Bai.

Anyone having thoughts about going to AUB please don’t hesitate to ask me questions!

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