Making your own vintage nightie is incredibly easy and yet I can’t find any tutorials online, so I thought I’d write my own!To start I drafted the bodice using brown paper, so you can put it up next to you and see whether it fits.

Or you can draft the pattern using a bra that fits you or a vest. Don’t forget to add on the seam allowance!

My fabric was incredibly thin so I cut two pieces and sewed them right sides together. This then also hides the raw edges, which is a bonus.

I made the pattern far too long so I could gather under the bust. I did this before sewing the two together.

You left the two pointed edges open so you could insert the straps there. I used ribbon but you could also use scraps from your fabric if you wanted.

Then for the lower half of the nightie you can make it as long/short as you want. I made mine just above the knee because that just so happened to be the width of my fabric!! Again, leave it far too long so you can gather it and create that feminine silhouette.

Then onto the final touches! Along the bottom of the nightie and on the join between the top and bottom half I added lace.

I also had to add a small dart about halfway up the bust in order for it to fit me better. In order for the nightie to fasten I added two poppers (for security!) onto the front. Finally, I fitted the straps to my shoulders. It’s really helpful getting someone else to help you with this as reaching around your own back is a nightmare!

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