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I’m Aisha and this is the first in my set of Regency posts.

I’m planning to attend the Jane Austen festival in Bath in September and this year I want a more period-accurate costume, whereas last year I simply went for something that looked pretty.

My costume for the Jane Austen Festival, 2016.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s gorgeous and I’ll probably wear it this year for a ball or dance, but I just didn’t do any research. So, basically, these posts are as much for my own benefit as your own! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking out for perfect accuracy. But, as Mr B very concisely puts:

Image result for mr b the gentleman rhymer
Only once you know the rules you can start to break them…

I want at least the basis of my costume to be accurate, even if I change some things so it’ll appeal more to the modern eye. And I’m no expert, remember, so if you have anything to contribute please feel free to, I’m always eager to learn (especially when it comes to the Regency period!). I’ll update this page as I make more posts, and you can find them all here:

Regency Undergarments

Regency Bonnets

Regency Shoes

Regency Fabrics

Regency Fabric Patterns

As a side-note, if anyone happens to be planning to go to the Jane Austen Festival 2017 in Bath, I’d love to get to know you. I don’t know anyone who’s going, let alone dressing up, and I’d adore to have someone to promenade with!

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