This is one of my series of Regency posts, the introduction of which you can find here.

In order to create the right look at feel of a period garment, you need to start with the right fabric! Now, some fabrics available in the Regency period may be out of use or difficult to find, but similarly there are fabrics nowadays that are easy to find and have the same look and feel, not to mention cheaper!

So here’s a list of fabrics you can use for your regency outfit (sources at the end of the post!):

Day Dresses:

  • Muslin
  • (Printed) Cotton. Super easy to find and cheap! Just stay away from cottons that are too heavy…
  • Voile. With either solid colours, or dainty prints. Image result for voile fabric
  • Soft Cotton Organdy. This is good if you’re planning to embellish as it’s a bit stiffer.Image result for soft cotton organdy fabric
  • Swiss or dotted cottons, or something with all-over eyelets. Image result for fabrics with eyelets
  • You could also use embroidered cotton, which would be expensive, but beautiful if you only wanted to do the sleeves in it!
  • So the basic idea is, something with a nice drape!
  • (Also if you find anything you like with a border print, snap it up! The Regency period loved a good border print!)


  • (For Indoor Coats) Kerseymere
  • Merino
  • Superfine

Image result for superfine fabric

  • (For Outdoor Coats) Wool
  • Linen


  • Chiffon
  • Organza

Image result for organza fabric

  • Don’t use dupioni fabric, it’s too modern
  • Washed Silk

Image result for washed silk fabric

  • Stay away from silk as it doesn’t breathe; you get far too sweaty while dancing!
  • Taffeta is good (this is what I used for my red Regency gown!), but look out for one with a high thread count so you can get a softer drape.

I’ve also done a post on Regency fabrics, which you can find here. Hope this helps!






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