This is one of my series of Regency posts, the introduction of which you can find here.

Hello there! This post compliments my regency fabric post if you want to read that one too.

There was actually a surprising amount of fabric available during the Regency era, and patterns were as varied as they are nowadays. It’s easy to forget when watching countless period pieces in which they’re all wearing white muslin dresses or other pale, block colours that there was actually other patterns available. Don’t get me wrong, you can never fail with a white Regency dress but if you really want to stand out during your promenade while also staying period-accurate you can experiment and play with some of these patterns:

Tiny, tiny Indian-inspired prints are very authentic.

Tartans. Last year, someone at the Jane Austen Festival had a gorgeous tartan dress and I was so envious!

Stripes. You can never go wrong with stripes, in any era.

Florals. They also have to be very small, pretty and delicate.

Dotted Cotton. A little twist on the classic white, and you can also use eyeleted cotton, so long as you line it!

Some of the fabrics I’ve pictured here are available from online shops, although if you’re ever going to buy online I’d always ask for a sample beforehand (especially if you can get one free!). I’ve made MANY mistakes ordering 4 metres of a fabric that I didn’t even want then suffering through working with it and subsequently wearing it. Or just get it from a purpose online fabric shop like Minerva Crafts (my personal favourite) which, although sometimes more expensive, tends to narrow disappointment, but it doesn’t eliminate it.

So there are some Regency fabric patterns you can utilise and look out for! Please do share your creations, I’d love to see them.




P.S. This is the fabric I’ll be using for my new Regency dress. I can’t wait!!

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