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This is my third series of Regency posts, this time focused entirely on menswear. The first two were for my own benefit, research and documenting my creations, but this time I’m making posts for another.

I dedicate this series to my sister, who said she’d join me at the Jane Austen Festival if I made her a costume. It was probably a joke, but anyone in my circle of friends can tell you that you must never make a joke about me making anything for you. Because I will.

So this is for you, Rebecca.

I’ve never really been into menswear of any era, it’s always dresses and petticoats that capture my imagination, but if it makes the wearer attractive that’s all that matters! Georgian is my favourite era of menswear, but I still enjoy Regency as it’s so soon after there’s still some hangover from the Georgian era, like breeches and fancy cravats. Like I said, I’m no expert on menswear or tailoring so if you have any tips or prompts then please share with me!

I’ll update this page as I make more posts, but the ones I have posted you can find here:

Male Regency Shirts, Waistcoats and Cravats

Male Regency Trousers/Breeches

Male Regency Coats

Male Regency Shoes

Male Regency Fabrics

Hope you find my posts helpful, I’m just trying to get my head around Regency menswear!

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