This is one of my male Regency wear posts, the introduction of which you can find here.

My first post was based on the Regency male’s torso, now this one is focused on the Regency male’s lower body. I included trousers and breeches in the title as they were both in use during the Regency period.

Trousers were starting to be widely worn by younger men as they were more practical, there was more movement for horse riding and other manual purposes. Trousers also fitted well with the tall polished riding boots that were so popular in the era!

Breeches are a bit old fashioned for the Regency era, they were mainly worn by older men or for formal occasions. But I want to make some. Because let me tell you, I adore nothing more than a man in breeches.

The Regency period had gathers in their fabrics as flexible/stretchy fabrics weren’t readily available and this is especially true with trousers as you have to have so much movement in them. They gathered both trousers and breeches, as seen in the photos below, the trousers gathered in the front and the breeches gathered in the back.




As I wrote in my previous post, some dandies in the Regency era actually wore corsets to accentuate their broad shoulders. There’s a lovely reproduction on pinterest of a man’s corset underneath his trousers. Here I’ve pictured it next to a painting to show how it gives the same kind of shape desirable in the Regency era.

Breeches were mainly fastened with something called a ‘fall front’, which is shown in the above picture. Instead of a central fly the waistband fastens at the centre and is then covered with a panel that lifts over the waistband, and is fastened with yet more buttons at the top of the garment. Trousers from the Regency period would also be fastened in this way.

The bottoms of breeches were also fastened so they would be tight just below the knee, showing off the wearer’s attractive calves.

They could be fastened with buttons, which you could match to the buttons at the top of the garment.

Or ribbons could be used for a more flouncy, perhaps formal look.

Or the one that looks like the most work is buckles!

And just because I really want to remember, here’s another example of stripes in the Regency men’s wardrobe.


Men would have also worn stockings underneath these breeches, but as I wrote in my Regency wardrobe posts, you could probably just use tights!

That’s the lower half of the Regency male’s wardrobe completed. I’m hoping to draft my own pattern for breeches, but we’ll have to see how that goes! Also, I’m determined to get those stripes in there. And I will. I promise.





A Primer on Regency Era Men’s Fashion

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